Picture this: a backdrop with a swirling galaxy of lit up deep purples and cosmic blues, punctuated by blazing bursts of starlight that seem to dance to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. Each thread woven with the essence of rock legends, echoing the timeless swagger of Mick Jagger himself.

Whether you’re hosting a stellar stage performance, a rock n roll-themed party, or simply want to infuse your space with the spirit of rebellion and exploration, Jagger is your ultimate ticket to the stars. Crafted with premium fabric, it’s durable, versatile, and ready to transport you to a universe where the boundaries between space and sound blur into one epic adventure.


Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 4

Back Light 4

Up Light 4

Projection/Video 0

Projection/Gobo 1


Size : 15′ H x 45″ W x 1″ D
Weight: 7 lbs
Fire Rating : IFR


  • Lititz, PA
  • Miami, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV

Show Rate:

$150 per Jagger

Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
Tie to truss or pipe and base via tie line and SuperLever F4 connectors

Build Time:
2 minutes to hang one 15’ x 45″ Jagger panel

Installation Directions: