From music to marketing and beyond we create live environments of all shapes and sizes

Corporate Events

ATOMIC is passionate about giving life to your brand. Our dedicated team collaborates to transform ordinary spaces into breathtaking environments that get consumers, influencers, employees and investors excited about your products. Whether it’s a product launch, upfront or newfront or national sales meeting, we take your spark of inspiration and create a fully realized, captivating experience to activate your target audience.

Live Entertainment

We’ve got decades of experience creating immersive live environments for award shows, festivals, conventions and all types of shows. We embrace the idea of creating production designs, scenery and soft goods that make a big impression on fans, travel lightly, set up quickly and load out safely. We make your show come to life on stage.

Private Events & Galas

Ready to raise awareness for your cause or impress your guests with a one of a kind experience? We’re prepared to build an environment that fulfills your mission and leaves a lasting impression. Our portfolio includes multi-million dollar fundraisers, galas for fortune 500 companies, sales meetings and private celebrations of all shapes, sizes and budgets.


From camera angles and rigging, to depth, texture and wow-factor, we create vivid, detailed environments that set up quickly and look great on camera. We’re an experienced partner that understands the impact that communication, pre-planning and collaboration can have on your next televised event. No matter what the genre – music, awards shows, sports, talk or reality – we’ve helped create Emmy-winning looks for some of television’s biggest productions.


From enormous flagship stores to small boutiques, we’ve got the skills needed to design and fabricate any retail space with full attention to detail. We work with the brand to create a retail environment that is interactive and appealing to customers and delivers on your objectives. We’ve produced and fabricated numerous product launches, retail displays and interactive consumer experiences within stores across the country. Whatever your retail display dreams may be, we’ve got you covered.

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