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The spark for ATOMIC started over thirty years ago with London-based production designer Tom McPhillips. He became known for creating innovative sets that travelled lightly, set up quickly and looked dramatic on stage.

We’ve grown to encompass a deep pool of world-class professionals. From drafting, to welding, to 3D animation, we create immersive environments for the world’s top bands and biggest brands. Our work now ships across the globe and we have home bases stretching from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Our core philosophy has never changed. Our work travels lightly, sets up quickly and looks dramatic on stage. We strive to make your show day a success by seeing around corners, getting our hands dirty, collaborating and delivering with no surprises.

Our History

Click through the constellation points below to cruise through ATOMIC’s history.

Event Test
Year 1984

Tom McPhillips begins painting backdrops and scenery for theater, opera and television productions, opening his own studio in 1976. Before long he branches out and begins designing for live shows and music videos by Culture Club, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and many more!

The 70's and 80's

Our Roots

Tom McPhillips begins painting backdrops and scenery for theater, opera and television productions, opening his own studio in 1976. Before long he branches out and begins designing for live shows and music videos by Culture Club, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and many more!

The 90's

Our Philosophy Catches On

Tom’s work is seen on tour and in the studio with some of rock n’ roll’s biggest artists: Michael Jackson, The Who and Paul McCartney. Even better, his designs become known in the industry for their ease of use, fast set-up, creative construction techniques and innovative materials.


Atomic Is Born

Tom moves to the U.S., and launches a set construction shop to build his iconic designs. ATOMIC is born: “A Tom Mc” Phillips Design.

The Mid 90’s

Video Killed The Radio Star

As the video era takes off, ATOMIC begins providing design and construction for music videos, awards shows and televised concerts including hundreds of episodes of MTV Unplugged and A&E Live by Request.

The 00’s

Atomic Goes Corporate

Corporate marketers turn to ATOMIC for help creating pop-up stores, immersive brand environments and live experiences that engage their fans. Over time, Nike, Target and Victoria’s Secret join the ATOMIC client list, alongside Turner Television and CBS Networks.


Atomic Rental is Born

ATOMIC launches a rental division and begins shipping creative, modular scenery and soft goods all over the world. Interchangeable products and endless combinations help designers make any event an ATOMIC event. Packs small, plays BIG is born! Rental Solutions changed its name to Modular Systems in late 2019.


Production Accelerates

The ATOMIC production team grows and officially gets rolling producing top-notch events from some of the world’s biggest brands.


ATOMIC Celebrates

ATOMIC celebrates 20 years in business!


Here We Are!

We’ve come a long way… and with the help of our awesome employees, partners, clients and friends we look forward to doing what we love – for people we love – for many years to come!


Meet Our Team

  • 1. What's your drink of choice?

  • Aaron Brubaker

    Metal Shop Lead

    1. Iced Tea
    2. Flying
    3. Shark

  • Adam Curry

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Alan Fackler

    Power Lead

    1. IPAs
    2. Teleporting
    3. Cat

  • Alex Thomas

    Power Technician

    1. Dr Pepper on the Rocks
    2. Flight 
    3. Wolf

  • Ana Vallejo


    1. AM: Earl Grey, PM: Gin & Tonic
    2. Telekinesis
    3. Giraffe

  • Andi Blady

    Production Designer

    1. Black tea with milk and honey
    2. Always finding the best parking spots
    3. Impala

  • Andy Good

    Scenic Road Tech

    1. Yards IPA
    2. Emotional Manipulation
    3. Alex Thomas

  • Ben Huder

    Operations Coordinator

    1. Coffee in the morning, Augustiner at night
    2. Spread Knowledge
    3. ALF

  • Bill Beach

    Technology Manager

    1. Something dark; coffee or beer
    2. Flying
    3. R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size)

  • Brandon Cardenas

    Account Manager

    1. Beer and Coffee
    2. Invulnerability
    3. Moose

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  • Brandon Hutchinson

    Metal Fabricator

  • Brandon Putt


    1. Tito's with lime 
    2. Quantum Tunneling - The ability to walk through walls 
    3. Jaguar

  • Brendan Leahy

    Assistant Project Manager, Lead

    1. Frangelico
    2. To pull infinite all-nighters
    3. Sabertooth Tiger

  • Brendan O'Donnell

    Senior Account Manager

    1. Shirley Temple
    2. Teleporting
    3. Pegasus

  • Brian Shaughnessy

    Senior Account Manager

    1. Crystal Pepsi with Gummiberry juice
    2. To get people to forgive non super hero Brian 
    3. Ghost of a half Lab half German Shepard

  • Brian Viera

    3D Printer Operator

    1. Natty Light
    2. Telekinesis
    3. Shark!

  • 2. What power does your alter-ego super hero have?

  • Britt Gehris

    Director of Operations

    1. Sweet Tea
    2. Flying (or Strength or Fire)
    3. Wolf, a white one

  • Chad Thomas

    Director of Floor Operations

    1. Thai Iced Tea
    2. Being in multiple places at once
    3. Elk

  • Charlie Cook

    Production Designer

    1. IPA Beer
    2. Flying
    3. Lion

  • Chloe Rich

    Vice President of Brand Strategy

    1. Black Tea
    2. Teleporting
    3. Koala

  • Colin Nixdorf

    Project Manager

    1. Jack and Coke
    2. Teleportation
    3. Wolf

  • Conway Allison

    Director of Product Innovation

    1. Beer
    2. Healing
    3. Griffin

  • Dan Fick

    Sr. Director - Homes

  • Dan LaFauci

    Director of HR

    1. Captain & Coke
    2. A “reset” belly button – A Mulligan For Life
    3. Molehawk - a mole with a Mohawk

  • Dan Wells

    Scenic Technician

  • 3. If you were an animal, what would you be?

  • Daniel McPhillips


    1. Well-balanced English Ale
    2. Teleporting
    3. Hammer head shark, mainly because they are bad ass

  • Dave Remaley

    Chief Financial Officer

    1. Stella Artois
    2. Flying
    3. Dog

  • Doug Frawley

    Account Manager

    1. Coffee- Hot, Iced, or Intravenous
    2. Any superpower!  
    3. A bear - quiet, not harmful, but protective of its clan if threatened

  • Ed Byrne

    CNC Lead

    1. Sunkist
    2. Incredible 'telepathetic' abilities
    3. Lion

  • Erin Edwards

    Director of Project Management

  • Ethan Martin

    Design Manager

    1. A good beer and/or coffee
    2. Telekinesis
    3.  Sloth

  • Felix Nuyten

    Director, Modular Systems Europe

    1. Lots of water keeps me going, beer's good too 
    2. Power in numbers, alter ego with a versatile skill set 
    3. Papa Bear

  • Greg Marty


  • James Rogers

    Project Manager

    1. Hefeweizen
    2. Elemental Transmutation
    3. Gray Wolf

  • Creative professionals serving creative professionals.

  • Jared Forsythe

    Sr. Road Tech

    1. Guinness
    2. Crazy strength (like The Hulk)
    3. Ox

  • Javier Santiago

    Modular Systems Associate

  • Jeremy Yunkin

    Scenic Road Tech

    1. Ballast Sculpin IPA
    2. Going Super Saiyan
    3. Optimus Prime

  • Joe Liebl


    1. Yuengling Lager
    2. Reading minds
    3. Falcon

  • Joe McMonagle

    Chief Business Development Officer

    1. Gueuze
    2. The power to resist pizza
    3. Great Blue Heron

  • Josh Riggan

    Scenic Artist

  • Kaley Cook

    Business Paralegal

    1. Mimosa 
    2. Animal Communicator 
    3. Whale - Strong communicators, exhibit peaceful strength and form strong bonds with others

  • Kate Crown

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Keith Reilly

    Project Manager

    1. Bailey's (Creamy)
    2. Predicting the future
    3. A Puppy Bear

  • Kevin Tucker

    Payroll and HRIS Manager

    1. Ecto Cooler 
    2.The legacy of Johnny Lawrence and Cobra Kai Dojo
    3. The majestic Sea Pig

  • 1. What's your drink of choice?

  • Lauren Brignone

    Senior Producer

    1. Iced coffee OR jalapeño margarita
    2. Excellent memory
    3. Bottlenosed dolphin

  • Lisa McDaniel

    Manufacturing Associate

    1. Vinho verde
    2. The power to rid people of hate, anger, fear and suffering
    3. Alpaca

  • Lisa Molloy

    Senior Seamstress

    1. Seattle's Best Iced Coffee
    2. Healing
    3. Discoppopotamus

  • Lori Balthaser


  • Mara Rooney

    Paint Department Lead

    1. Hot Chocolate 
    2. Shape Shifting 
    3. Hippocampus

  • Marc Frymyer

    Logistics Coordinator

    1. Water or Victor Brewing Co. beer
    2. Is being a wizard a superpower? Because that would be AWESOME!
    3. An otter

  • 1. What's your drink of choice?

  • Matthew Anastasio

    Project Manager

    1. Beer
    2. Flying
    3. Bearmanpig

  • Metin Anul

    Modular Systems Associate, Europe

  • Mike Lavelle

    Director of Floor Operations

    1. Knob Creek & Coke on the rock's
    2. Seven Different Kinds of Smoke!  
    3. Phoenix or Kung Fu Panda

  • Nate Schreffler

    Director of Floor Operations

    1. Duh, BEER.
    2. Teleporting would be pretty sweet
    3. Dog

  • Nick Artale

    Product Designer

    1. Berry Fruit Smoothie
    2. Teleportation
    3. Eagle

  • Pat Bonner

    Vice President, Production and Design

    1. Coke Zero and coffee
    2. Telekinesis
    3. A family dog

  • Rachel Finn

    Senior Account Manager

    1. My Secret Recipe: Fresh Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini
    2. Flying
    3. A dolphin at a fantastic Aquarium

  • Rae Powell

    Account Manager

    1. A whiskey based cocktail
    2. Learning through osmosis
    3. The Beaver

  • Rob Barber

    Vice President, Modular Systems and R&D

    1. Life
    2. Time Travel
    3. Bingo of the Banana Splits

  • Sarah Moore

    Modular Systems Warehouse Lead

    1. Coffee
    2. Flying, then I wouldn't have to worry about traffic!
    3. Dolphin, playful spirit and love to swim.

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  • Sarah Shirk

    Soft Goods Lead

    1. Coffee
    2. I can fly!
    3. Wolf

  • Stephen Kaelin

    Project Manager

    1. Miller High Life and a shot of Bushmills
    2. The ability to speak, read and write any language in the Universe
    3. A panther

  • Taylor Jurell

    Production Designer

    1. Orange juice
    2. The power to steal other superhero's powers and use them as my own
    3. Kangaroo

  • Tom McPhillips

    Chairman, CCO

    1. Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian style IPA on cask
    2. To cure every known disease
    3. A Blue Whale

  • Trina Rehnberg

    AP/AR Manager

    1. Ice water with lemon
    2. Super strength
    3. A honey badger because the honey badger don't care

  • Zak Keller

    Project Manager

    1. Things containing Cascade and/or Chinook Hops
    2. Time control
    3. A Muppet