Time to hop in the dune buggy, rev up the engine and head on an off-road adventure! Get ready to meet ATOMIC’s newest panel, Dune. Just like the perfectly sculpted sand dunes molded by the whirling winds, FABlok Dune is softly curved and sculpted to bring beauty and adventure to your event. Build FABlok Dune in multiple patterns and front or up light for the perfect addition to any event space, stage or room.

FABlok panels assemble by popping a bendable plastic insert into the fabric-covered frame and they connect with ATOMIC’s patented SuperLever connectors. FABlok panels morph and warp to create the ideal surface for light and projection. Ready to put FABlok in your project, or add some custom branding? Call our Rental Solutions today to discuss options.

Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 5

Back Light 3

Up Light 4

Projection/Video 2

Projection/Gobo 4


Size: (H x W x D)
22.5″ x 22.5″ x 6″
572 mm x 572 mm x 153 mm

Weight:  3 lb / 1.4 kg
Fire Rating:  IFR / B1


  • Lititz, PA
  • Miami, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Show Rate:

$25 per panel

Installation Information

Hang from truss or pipe, or use ground supported for SuperColumn or SuperWall

120 minutes for 1 person to assemble a 20 x 20 backdrop

Installation Directions: