Bermuda Velour

Bermuda Velour is a bewitching blue fabric that will enchant the crowd with the glamor of natural, front, or up lighting. The soothing ebbs and flows of these swags paint an electric and magical backdrop. With more swags than legs available, feel free to mix and match with other wonderful drape options available to rent – contact us to talk about our entire line of SoftGoods

Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 3

Back Light 0

Up Light 3

Projection/Video 0

Projection/Gobo 0


Size : 15′ H x 12’6″ W
Weight : 33 lbs
Show Rate: $325

Size : 14’7″ H x 20′ W
Weight : 33 lbs
Show Rate: $325

Size : 12’3″ H x 21′ W
Weight : 33 lbs
Show Rate: $325

Size : 20′ H x 20′ W
Weight : 33 lbs
Show Rate: $325

Fire Rating : IFR


  • Lititz, PA

Show Rate:


Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
Tie on pipe or truss via grommets and ties.

Build Time:
10 minutes for 1 person to hang

Installation Directions: