Throw Confetti on your truss and watch the magic come to life. Crafted from a revolutionary new fabric that creates a multi-dimensional effect when hung, this cloth can really fool the eye. The beautiful steel-blue sheer fabric is constructed in such a way that when lit, stunning dimensional effects can be created. The uniqueness of the Confetti Cloth makes it great to feature as a backdrop in stage applications and its finished elegance makes it a perfect choice for ballrooms and smaller venues where it will be seen up close.

Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 3

Back Light 3

Up Light 3

Projection/Video 0

Projection/Gobo 0



Size: 12′ H x 20′ W x 1″ D
Weight: 10 lbs
Show Rate: $550

Fire Rating: FR



  • Lititz, PA

Show Rate:


Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
Tie on to pipe or truss via grommets and ties.

Build Time:
10 minutes for 1 person to hang

Installation Directions: