WrestleMania XL

POV: you're in the bowl at WrestleMania

The entire set at sunset. Picture: Keith Reilly

The stage was dressed for the National Anthem. Picture: Keith Reilly

WrestleMania night one rehearsals

Setting the stage for WWE Superstars. Picture: Keith Reilly

The WrestleMania letters were equipped with fully adjustable lighting to set the stage

Multicolored lighting for a vibrant walk-on. Picture: Keith Reilly

The calm before the storm! Picture: Keith Reilly

WrestleMania XL looking explosive. Picture: Keith Reilly

WrestleMania letters in electric blue. Picture: Keith Reilly

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12 aluminum, LED integrated letters standing almost 9 feet tall, spanning 130 feet wide, and weighing roughly 14,000 lbs. made their way from our shop in Lititz to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia for the epic WrestleMania XL 2-night extravaganza!

Our phenomenal set construction team hit the ground running with a tight turnaround of 3 weeks and fabricated the monumental build with an impeccable finish, including:

⚡️ Welding 380 standoffs

⚡️ Applying 200 meters of LED tape

⚡️ Securing 1,713 sq. ft. of the iconic swirly aluminum fascia to each letter frame

⚡️ Constructing multiple steel decks

🥩 Fun fact: the letters could hold 33,780 Philly Cheesesteaks!

W is for wow!

Everyone involved in the build gathered for a group photo

The final build was securely raised and mounted 40 feet off the ground, directly above where the WWE Superstars made their grand entrances. Each letter was equipped with fully adjustable lighting that allowed the color scheme to match each Superstar’s aesthetic. All this combined created a perfectly captivating experience for the record-breaking 145,298 attendees.

Thanks to our friends over at WWE, All Access, Upstaging, StageCo, Theatrical Resource, and ARS Entertainment Rigging for working together and making this milestone event an enormous success!

Shout out to everyone from #teamATOMIC who were an imperative part of this project: Zak, Batul, Colin, Adam, Stephanie, Trevor, Seth, Rylee and the whole shop team!