World’s Strongest Man

Meet the 2023 World’s Strongest Man athletes!

ATOMIC set the sand stage for the first round of competition.

Camera blocks are strategically placed to record the event for broadcast.

Sometimes ATOMIC Production Services projects require some heavy lifting 😏

The kettlebell toss was a crowd pleaser!

Sponsor placement is key. When it comes to event production, ATOMIC makes sure the details come together perfectly.

ATOMIC loved coordinating all aspects of the World’s Strongest Man 2023 Competition especially with these finalists!

ATOMIC ensured the event plans included a great viewing area for VIPs.

Create an area to have our athletes pull a coach bus? Sure, ATOMIC is on it!

Congrats to the World’s Strongest Men and to the ATOMIC team for pulling off such an incredible event.

View our Documentary to get a deep dive into how our Production Services team pulled off this event!

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The World’s Strongest Man competition is a long-standing international showcase of incredible strength, agility, and mental toughness. The contest brings 30 world-class athletes together and is held annually as a live event, while also being filmed for broadcast TV and streaming services. In 2023, ATOMIC was brought on board to handle the entire production of the event. From inception to clean up, we were responsible to ensure the entire event went off without a hitch. 

Producing such an event is no ordinary task, yet ATOMIC was entrusted to lead a tradition that has been going on for more than 45 years! Entering this atmosphere was just what our ATOMIC astronauts have been trained for. We utilized our effective event production formula to explore all the nooks and crannies of what has gone well in the past, and what may need some extra attention. 

With the discovery phase under our belt, we put the right team in place to do the job. We moved forward with organizing all the details months in advance. Logistics, safety, site design, sponsors, media, catering, athlete management, equipment, budgeting… you name it… we did it!  

Once the event load-in started, our dedicated production team was there to implement the plans. We problem solved and directed. We made decisions on the placement of staging, tents, walkways, and much more. Once the competition started, the engaged crowd grew and grew, and our team rose to the challenge of accommodating the increased interest. Extra bleachers were swiftly brought in, and we worked with the city of Myrtle Beach to enhance safety measures. It was the site to see!  

On the third day of competition, the weather was uncooperative, so our team was forced to adjust again. We handled the rescheduling of events between all parties in a timely manner. Communicating last-minute changes is in our wheelhouse! The final day of including some fierce competition, and after a well-fought battle, Mitchell Hooper was crowned the 2023 World’s Strongest Man. 

Overall, the competition was one for our event production record books and everything went smoothly! We were absolutely thrilled to be part of the team and look forward to next year’s event.