Usher: My Way The Las Vegas Residency

Shining bright on stage. Photography: Paul Tate dePoo III

Usher takes a moment to admire the structure's silhouette. Photography: Paul Tate dePoo III

Usher and two dancers perform on the platform. Photography: Chelsa Christensen

The platform pulls you in. Photography: Paul Tate dePoo III

Close up of Usher on the platform. Photography: Brian Friedman

This build and the dancers compliment each other so well. Photography: Chelsa Christensen

Usher performs on the second level of the platform. Photography: Brian Friedman

A dancer and the platform noir. Photography: Chelsa Christensen

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In collaboration with our topnotch neighbor’s, TAIT, we built the multi-layered performance platform for the Usher: My Way Las Vegas Residency at the Park MGM. If you ask us, this build is the true star of the show…don’t tell Usher 🤫

Our team went pedal to the metal building the structure that stands center stage. The project called for meticulous welding and our metal team really delivered. This structure was decked out in dancers, and it is totally equipped to hold those dancers on each level, simultaneously!

In addition to building the structure, our tech team contributed their share of energy – covering the platform with LED lights.

Oh What a Wonderful Weld

ATOMIC, Assemble!

Thanks to the diligent work done by our metal and tech teams ensuring that this beast of a build was not only elegant but durable.

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this project: TAIT, Tate Design Group, Rae Powell, Matt Anastasio, Julien Sat-Vollhardt, Andy Good, Jeremy Yunkin, Ana Vallejo, Brandon Hutchinson, Aaron Rupp, Brandon Scholtes, Collin Haines, and Jason Gushue. Couldn’t have done it without you all!

Photo credit: Paul Tate dePoo, Brian Friedman, and Chelsa Christensen