Travis Scott at Rolling Loud Miami

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We’re thrilled to have been a part of the epic Travis Scott performance that took place at the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival and aired on Amazon Prime and Twitch! 🚀

Creating an immersive experience for the audience, 4 incredible towers stood in front of house, including 2 Festival PA Towers and 2 Lighting/SFX Towers aka Sub Towers. These towers were the beating heart of the festival’s visual and auditory magic, including:

  • 8 stunning 1-meter LED strips per tower
  • 4 electrifying lasers per tower
  • 8 cryoblasters per tower
  • Firey flamethrowers split up as 4 g-flame units per tower that shot about 10ft

It’s safe to say these towers were LIT, and Team ATOMIC sure was stoked to play a big role in bringing the towers to life. 🔥

Here’s how our team helped:

  • Tech designed and fabricated custom fabric covers.
  • Added mounting hardware to the LX and SFX fixtures to attach to the truss towers in their specific positions.
  • Designed and built custom carting/dollies for transportation of the 2 Sub Towers, which carried 20’ tower sections which had cabling, hoses, and fabric installed for trucking.
  • Both Sub Towers were teched at ATOMIC, one which was fully built in its vertical position for testing and pre-visualization programming.

❗️FUN FACT❗️ The Sub Towers were divided into (3) 20’ sections per tower for transportation. These sections were rolled into their house positions, connected into a 60’ tower then stood up and put into position with a 40-ton crane. 🤯 Once the Lighting / SFC Towers were erected, they then received a 5’ topper section which contained the SFX flame units.
A huge thank you and shoutout to our awesome client for bringing team ATOMIC to the table on this spectacular build. Big shoutout to our collaborators for all their help and hard work throughout this process. 📣

  • Pink Sparrow
  • Sub
  • Fuse
  • Strictly FX
  • G2 Structures