The Office Joins Peacock Promo (Goodbye to 2020)

Watch behind the scenes

Giant JELL-O mold ready to be blown up for the television spot

Set up for The Office promo outside of Rock Lititz Studio

Ready to make 500 lbs of JELL-O

#2020 #Bestyearever

Custom "Dunder Mifflin" graphics printed and installed by our team

The aftermath

Filming the giant JELL-O mold explosion

Good-bye 2020!

See ya, 2020! (Photo credit:

Explosion time!

#bestyearever #goodbye2020

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See ya later 2020! NBC was ready to get creative and have some fun as they said “out with the old, in with the new” and announced their hit show, The Office, streaming exclusively on Peacock in 2021. Production team and long-time friends, Hudson Gray, engaged ATOMIC to build a fun display to blow-up for a short TV spot that aired on NYE. ATOMIC built multiple plinths, glittery “2020” numbers and giant Jell-O molds to blow up during the filming. The Set Construction team also created and applied Dunder Mifflin graphics to a box truck that served as a background prop for filming.

So how much JELL-O do you need to fill four giant molds to blow up in four separate takes to get that PERFECT, explosive shot? 494 pounds. Some quick math for you…that’s 960 cups of water added to 480 3oz. boxes of JELL-O (plus 224 oz. of extra gelatin) to create a whopping total of 494 lbs. of that JELL-O goodness. 

Taking full advantage of being on the Rock Lititz campus, we had our friends at Pyrotek take care of all the explosions and we used the huge parking lot behind the Rock Lititz Studio to safely blow up all that JELL-O, glitter and the two iconic Office mugs stating “2020” and “Best Year Ever.”

This was a visually fun and cathartic way to close out 2020 and ring in a better 2021. Thanks to our client, partners and vendors: NBC, Peacock, Hudson Gray, Pyrotek and Rock Lititz.  Watch our team on-site and go behind-the-scenes for this super-fun shoot.