Rental Solutions' products lit well onstage

A rendering of the stage design

An assortments of rental products created the framework for the stage design

Cell Cloth created a stunning backdrop and provided endless options with lighting

Rental Solutions' products shined onstage framing great entertainment

The TEDxCambridge stage included many products from ATOMIC Rental

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Short powerful talks and upbeat entertainment were the ingredients that made up the TEDxCambridge event in New England.¬†With thousands in attendance for one of the largest independently organized TED events in the world, ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ products shined.

Starting with preliminary sketches and renderings, the ATOMIC Design team began working with the TEDxCambridge team to set the stage for their impactful event. Browsing the rental solutions catalog, the team landed on the perfect products for the set. A cell cloth hit center stage and was showcased with an array of lighting throughout the event. Stage left and stage right included an assortment of the popular rental solution products: Pyramid, Xplode and Cirrus. Adding a fun challenge to the design, several reveals were incorporated into the show, with the final one being a reveal to a children’s hip hop dance group at the end of the production.

Not only was this a fun event to be a part of, it was a great event to attend! Many thanks to our fantastic client and partners on making this event one to remember: Dmitri Gunn (Executive Director of TEDxCambridge), Mike Marchetti (Production Director at the Boston Opera House), AVFX Boston and Tank Design.