Cell Cloth

Was our birth preordained? Where will you go when you die? One certainty in life is that the Cell Cloth can be a bright spot somewhere in between. This exquisite piece goes up quick and faithfully takes its glorious form. The Cell Cloth comes in silver as well as a translucent white sheer. Both options allow unique lighting capabilities.


Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 5

Back Light 3

Up Light 5

Projection/Video 0

Projection/Gobo 2



Size: 28’ H x 40’ W
Weight: White Sheer 22lbs
Weight: Silver 93 lbs
Show Rate: $3900

Size: 18’ H x 30’ W
Weight: White Sheer 12lbs
Weight: Silver 46 lbs
Show Rate: $1950

Size: 12′ H x 20′ W
Weight: White Sheer 7lbs
Weight: Silver 20 lbs
Show Rate: $850



  • Lititz, PA

Show Rate:


Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
Tie on pipe or truss via grommets and ties.

Build Time:
10 minutes for 1 person to hang

Installation Directions: