Stripe HQ – Permanent Install

Fabric-wrapped, LED-integrated Light Fixtures Hang at Stripe’s HQ

260, 14-foot Pixel-Controlled LED Tubes Create a Hi-Tech Vibe

It’s Amazing What 260 LED-laden Tubes Can do to a Room 😉

Just What the Client Ordered: Funky, Curvy, Amoeba-like Light Fixtures

Coolest Light Fixtures Ever?

ATOMIC Fabricated 15 Super Cool Structures to Hang from the Rafters in the Lobby, Hallway, and Café Area

We Love Permanent Installs 🚀

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Did you know we do permanent installs? You better believe it!

Let us tell you a little story…

A long, long time ago (ok it was 2022, not really THAT long ago) the ATOMIC Set Construction team headed out to San Fran to take a look at Stripe’s HQ with their design team. Stripe wanted to add some funky, curvy, amoeba-like light fixtures in their lobby, hallway, and café areas to soften the current stark industrial office aesthetic. In addition to that, Stripe wanted to add some cool pixel-controlled LED fixtures in their reception area – so once you arrived at the office, you would experience a hi-tech, yet cool vibe.

After this meeting – *actually* during the meeting – we were like, “We got this.” We asked a lot of questions, took measurements, confirmed specs, and took this information back home and got to work. Our expert craftspeople rocked out some solid results.

  • Part 1: We fabricated 15 super cool structures to hang from the rafters in the lobby, hallway, and café area. They were made from stretched fabric and integrated with pixel-controlled LED so you can get ALL the colors.
  • Part 2: We built 260, 14-foot pixel-controlled LED tubes and installed them on four sides of the reception area. The tubes acted as a veil covering for the room and made you feel like you were transported into a hi–tech alternate reality.

Shout out to our entire team for delivering some incredible results and big ups to the ATOMIC power team for their brilliant work on this project. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Clair Global for pulling us into this project. Clair Global did an amazing permanent sound system installed at Stripe’s HQ in tandem with our projects.