Robin Hood Benefit 2021 & 2022

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2021 marked the 20th year ATOMIC worked on the annual Robinhood benefit. As a commemorative year, we were inspired to look back through the past 20 years and let us say, what a phenomenal and evolutionary time it has been! In 2000, ATOMIC was only two years old and taking on the live event world by storm.

ATOMIC’s role with the Robin Hood benefit all began with a creating few scenic displays and quickly grew into building immersive universes. By the fourth year, we were constructing electric gardens that included flowers larger than life. The oversized theme continued throughout the years adding luminescent tunnels, doorways and school supplies all suited for giants to use. This brief background only scratches the surface of all the awesome creations we have built for Robin Hood.

Robin Hood 2000 Rendering

Robin Hood 2004

Let’s skip to our recent work…considering it was 2021, everyone was rebuilding, reconnecting, and recuperating, including Robin Hood. The Javits Center was completely decorated with the theme, “Robin Hood Rebuilds a (New) New York.” And one thing every NYC skyscraper needs during restoration is…SCAFFOLDING! Thanks to another amazing design by David Stark, ATOMIC constructed scaffolding structures to be displayed all throughout the cocktail room. The main structure displayed the large LED letters “NYC.” Just below, the word “FOREVER” lay flat and played base for a fleet of battery powered candles that was reflected on a wall of mirrors supported by the structure. An additional scaffolding structure played the stage for NYC street performers to kick off the evening’s performances.

3D Sign Display

NYC Sign Paint Prep

Another ATOMIC creation, seen scattered around the cocktail room, were custom printed 3D signs that displayed event messaging and New York City’s very own metro cards. Following those signs, was a massive garage door that opened to the main event room where dinner was served surrounded by our drapes. To round that all up, ATOMIC’s involvement included:

  • All the scaffolding structures
  • Custom printed 3D signs
  • Wall of mirrors
  • Garage door entry way
  • Drapes

It is always fantastic to see how our team manifests a new world in the Javits Center every year. Even the simplest contributions turn out beautifully. In 2022, ATOMIC provided set construction of the entryway buildings and performance platforms in the cocktail room. The platforms acted as personal stages for the tremendous musicians playing during cocktail hour. And once again the dining room was surrounded by ATOMIC drapes.

A goliath-size thanks to all the people who have worked on Robin Hood the past 21 years. It has been a wonderful time creating the immensely gorgeous environments. Every year they get bigger and better and that would not be possible without all your help! We cannot wait to see what the next 20+ years will create!

Video by: Gustavo Paulino