Robin Hood Annual Benefit 2023

Brightly colored double tower bar buildings filled this space in the cocktail area

The Robin Hood Annual Benefit Entrance in the Javits Center

A big blue balcony bar building masked a venue column and included two levels for entertainment and also a bar

A basketball court experience was attached onto one of the exterior buildings, built by ATOMIC

Full of color and New York themed memorabilia, the cocktail hour made a big impression

Large projection surfaces created walls within the Robin Hood Annual Benefit

ATOMIC constructed the archer piece standing above this inflatable cake. The archer is part of the iconic Robin Hood logo!

An in-the-round dining experience at the Robin Hood Annual Benefit 2023

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Each year, Robin Hood hosts an annual benefit to raise funds for poverty-fighting programs across New York City. In celebration of it’s 35th year, designer David Stark designed an immersive entrance, cocktail area and dining space for over 4,000 guests to look back on accomplishments the Robin Hood communities have made throughout the years.

As guests approached the entrance to the benefit inside of the Javits Center, they were greeted with a bright colorful entry graphic, which foreshadowed the bright, colorful theme of the cocktail area soon to come. Team ATOMIC provided black drapes in a 115′ long hallway, which included colorful LED screens displaying memories and stats throughout the 35-year history of Robin Hood. The hallway then opened up to the grandiose display of colorful buildings, banners, inflatables and iconic memorabilia – all paying homage to NYC.

Inside the cocktail area, team ATOMIC built impressive, colorful displays to help transform the convention space into an immersive environment. Pieces our team constructed for the cocktail area included:

  • A Big Blue Balcony Bar Building, which was built to mask a venue column. The building included two levels for dancers, a DJ, an instrumentalist, and was surrounded by a full working bar. The building stood at 20′ x 25′ x 23′. ATOMIC provided the railing, fascia, structure, painted cladding and translucent window openings. Decking was provided by All Access and Lighting was provided by 4wall.
  • A Double Tower Bar Building, which included a blue and green tower as well as a yellow and orange tower. The blue and green tower stood at 18.5′ x 9′ and was created to mask a venue column. The yellow and orange tower stood at  22′ x 9.5′ and was hoisted by a chain motor. ATOMIC provided the structure, painted cladding, and translucent window openings.
  • A Fourth Building, which included a full basketball court with a hoop! On the fourth building were two chimneys with operable smoke machines. The building stood at 12′ tall with a 23′ x 24′ footprint. ATOMIC built the entire structure, painted cladding, translucent window and door openings, basketball court graphic, basketball hoop, and graphic applied to the outside.
  • A Cake Plate and Candle, made from foam spray and wood. The plate was 14′ in diameter and the candle was 2.5′.
  • A Robin Hood Archer, weighing in at 120 pounds and standing 7′ tall, this piece was constructed with layered MDF attached to speed rail to mimic the archer in the iconic Robin Hood logo. The Robin Hood executive team loved this piece so much, they moved it into their office headquarters!

After the cocktail hour, a portion of the draped space opened via a stitched “garage door”, which revealed an in-the-round dining experience that included live performances from Brandi Carlisle, Jim Gaffigan and surprise guest John Cena. In the dining space, team ATOMIC provided:

  • Black Drapes, hung around the perimeter of the space.
  • 16 Large Refurbished Screens, measuring at impressive 40′ and 68′ lengths.
  • Refurbished Scoreboard, measuring at 18′ x 18′ wide and 11’6″ tall.

After dining concluded, guests filtered back into the cocktail area, where a surprise performance from Kendrick Lamar took place. Overall, it was a fantastic evening full of color and incredible fundraising – totaling a whopping $61.4 million! Special thanks to the powerhouses listed below for helping to make this event a smashing success: