NIKE x Stranger Things

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As part of the Stranger Things Season 3 release, Nike opened a pop-up experience in the Kith Soho space to showcase a brand-new product line that tapped into the seasons’ retro design aesthetic. The design team at Hotel Creative engaged ATOMIC’s set construction team to build out the space.

An open to the public event, the space mimicked the Hawkins Firework Warehouse that appears to be blown up during a fireworks mishap. The empty space was transformed by masking all of the windows, building a front store facade to mask the glass door entryway, and fabricating all of the “blown up” elements in the room including charred and twisted shelving, pallets, boxes and a cracked display counter. Two neon signs and scattered fake rats along with fireworks packaging completed the look as if the fireworks had all exploded within the space.

Overall, it was a blast working with our client and partners to transform this empty space into a “destroyed” firework warehouse. Many thanks to the team at Hotel Creative, ATOMIC Fabrication Partner George Czinkota and Kristin Costa for working with us to complete this installation!