iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina

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ATOMIC teamed up with iHeartRadio for the 2023 Fiesta Latina. Held at the Kaseya Center in Miami, this party wasn’t just local – it was global. Fans tuned in from all over via an exclusive Hulu stream and iHeartRadio.com to watch performances by Latin music legends like Ricardo Montaner and Chayanne. 🎵

ATOMIC’s mission? Make the stage as sizzling as a Miami summer night. Utilizing our Modular Systems products, including our brand-new Flow panels, we had the tools to make it happen. These panels weren’t just pieces of equipment – they were like building blocks for a stage straight out of a dream.

ATOMIC Designer Lindsey Mayer stacked Flow panels to create funky freestanding walls on the stage and added Frosty panels behind them for that extra glow. It was like watching a groovy tropical paradise come to life right before your eyes.

SuperLever OM and Flow panels hung on both sides of the large video screen creating a unique surface for spectacular lighting and adding pizzazz to the design. And those custom-built logo lightboxes on each side of the stage? Our Custom Fabrication team built those – they were like the cherry on top, tying everything together with a colorful bow.

In the end, we were super thankful to create such a visually appealing design for the iHeartRadio team. With creativity, innovation, and a touch of Miami flair, we worked together to turn a concert into an unforgettable fiesta. And who knows what magic we’ll conjure up next time? You’ll just have to wait and see! 🚀