iHeartRadio Festival Roundup 2021

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iHeartRadio Festival Roundup 2021: iHeart Fiesta Latina, iHeart Country, and iHeart Jingle Ball

We are reminiscing on the iHeart festivals we designed and provided custom fabrication for in 2021.

Let’s break it down for you…

iHeart Fiesta and iHeart Country took place in October of 2021 – Fiesta at the Armway Center in Orlando, Florida and Country at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. Both events used link rings and a turntable wall decorated by our very own Custom Fab crew. Yes, they both used the same design tools, but each show had its own distinct look.

iHeart Fiesta went for a dynamic pattern by alternating the link rings looking totally twisted (in a good way)!

iHeart Country stacked the link rings on top of one another making a that smooth wave pattern.

iHeart Jingle Ball Tour took place in December of 2021 at multiple locations. These shows called for more of a festive look so, the Design and Custom Fab team created custom inflatables, and a Guillotine wall ornamented with some merry decorations.

The team didn’t stop there…we also designed the Main Stage of iHeartRadio Music Festival 2021.

A huge shoutout to Keith Reilly, Charlie Cook, Rae Powell, Kelsey Powers, Brooke Sturdivant, and Josh Schuman for their work on these projects! Way to go 👏

Special thanks to Tom Kenny for the incredible lighting, once again!

iHeart Jingle Ball 📸: @ReillyPhotography