ExtraGive + One World Festival 2023

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The ExtraGive Fest is one of Lancaster’s biggest events of the year and 2023 was no different! This year, ExtraGive teamed up with the One World Festival, to create a day filled with community, culture, and charity. ATOMIC is no stranger to helping at this local event, 2023 being our 11th year involved! This year Lydia Cho (with help from Dru Morgan) designed the whole event, our team contributed Modular Systems products, and built lots of Custom Fabrication scenery. We were even able to showcase one of our new Modular Systems panels, Flow! Our team combined efforts across departments to create:

  • A chillaxing lounge area with faux grass 🌱 and furniture
  • A massive Modular System’s archway
  • Gorgeous hanging pergolas 🫧
  • Stage scenery complete with Flow panels 💫
  • Additional Modular System’s SuperColumns and SuperWalls

Our team is extremely proud to sponsor and support this amazing event with our all-star scenery and had loads of ATOMIC volunteers that “gave extra.” ExtraGive’s partnership with the One World Festival made for a different sort of celebration this year. The inclusion of One World highlighted the community’s mixed culture and heritage in addition to Lancaster attendees giving back by donating to hundreds of non-profits. By the end of this festival, ExtraGive had accomplished 23,517 donors to raise a total of 8,905,523 million dollars to 453 non-profit organizations.

Credit to our friends at Shumaker for being involved with this incredible event! ❤️

BIG thanks to our amazing ATOMIC Volunteers and Production Team:

  • Aaron Rupp
  • Andrew Herbert
  • Brian Shaughnessy
  • Darby Schock
  • Deanna Shudy
  • Jason Gushue
  • Javier Santiago
  • Julien Sat-Vollhardt
  • Lydia Henry
  • Mikey Burns
  • Nick Leigy
  • Nicole Clark
  • Pat Bonner
  • Rob Barber
  • Shannon Reed
  • Todd Fronina
  • Zadiel Rodriquez
  • Zak Keller – Project Manager (main point of contact)
  • Emily Mathason – Account Manager
  • Lydia Cho – Design
  • Micki Dawson – ModS Team Lead
  • Jeremy Yunkin
  • Ryan Weidner – Custom Fab & Strike Team Lead
  • Ana Vallejo – Floaters & Strike Team Lead
  • Alex Thomas – Give Stations Team Lead
  • Adam Curry
  • Tyler Duffy