2023 Movies For Grownups with AARP The Magazine

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AARP Movies for Grownups Awards Show is a brilliant example of collaboration at its finest! ATOMIC’s founder, Tom McPhillips, once again designed the picturesque stage with the impeccable art direction of Production Designer, Andi Blady. Their brilliance was brought to fruition by Tractor Vision. Tractor Vision led the project management and construction of all scenic pieces with guidance from ATOMIC’s Account Manager, Batul Rizvi. Many other hands chipped in to create the show-stopping, cinematic backdrop and with that we would like to give a gracious shout out to Thirteen Productions LLC, WNET, Killswitch, 22 Degrees, and SennovA for their work on the production!

The collaboration did not stop there…this display showcased the flawless fusion of ATOMIC’s Modular Systems with custom set construction. The Comb SuperWall accentuated the film reel model creating striking dimension and contrast on the stage. You could say it was an excellent COMB-ination!!

Congratulations to everyone involved on a beautiful and successful show!

You can watch this stage work its magic at the 21st Annual Awards show on PBS.