2023 Warner Brothers Discovery Upfront

The 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery Upfront Stage at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden

Watch our set construction process from shop to stage!

LED trim added a sleek look to the louvered walls and arches on the stage at Warner Brothers Discovery Upfront 2023

Executive Sheereen Russell takes the stage at Warner Brothers Discovery Upfront 2023

Lighting transformed ATOMIC's Louvered Walls and Arches to create this look

The 2023 stage featured Louvered Walls and Arches crafted to accentuate the focus on the hero LED screen

ATOMIC coordinated the scenery for the Lobby of the Theatre at Madison Square Garden which greeted guests as they entered the venue.

ATOMIC built this sign with the iconic brand saying which served as a farewell for attendees as they exited the event

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ATOMIC was back for another Warner Brothers Discovery Upfront in 2023, accepting the challenge to produce the event as well as custom fabricate a visually stunning and immersive set for the stage. For event production, alongside Soren West, we took the helm of handling all the planning, budgeting, logistics, design coordination and implementation – to ensure a well-run show. For the stage build, our goal was to captivate the audience and showcase the entertainment giant’s upcoming programming in a memorable way.

ATOMIC has worked on upfronts for over 20 years, so we were super excited to be back in NYC at the Theater at Madison Square Garden to put on another major event. As a bonus in 2023, we filmed the set construction process from shop to stage, so please check out the behind-the-scenes video here!

Set Construction Highlights:

  • Louvered Walls:
    • ATOMIC designed and built sixteen 14-foot LED-laden louvered walls. We placed eight on each side of the stage to create a symmetrical and impactful visual experience for the center hero video screen.
  • L-Shaped Arches:
    • Two L-shaped arches were crafted to accentuate the focus on the hero LED screen, adding a dynamic and artistic element to the stage design.
  • LED Light Fixtures:
    • The on-stage elements were equipped with over 400 feet of LED video fixtures, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that enhanced the overall visual aesthetic.
  • Stage Deck and Stairs:
    • With over 2,200 square feet of stage deck, ATOMIC provided a solid foundation for the event’s various performances and presentations.
    • The main stage stairs were meticulously crafted to ensure seamless transitions and accessibility.
  • Custom IMAG Screen Masking:
    • The team implemented custom IMAG screen masking to enhance the clarity and focus of the content displayed on screens, contributing to an immersive viewing experience.
  • Production Desks and Monitor Shroud:
    • Twelve production desks with integrated lighting and power were refurbished to accommodate the event’s technical requirements.
    • A confidence monitor shroud was created for teleprompters, ensuring presenters had a clear view of their scripts.
  • Custom Shelf for Footlights:
    • A custom shelf was designed and installed around the downstage edge of the stage to house footlights, adding a subtle yet impactful lighting element to the overall stage aesthetics.
  • Lobby Escalator Sign:
    • ATOMIC’s creativity extended to the lobby, where a custom escalator sign was installed, featuring the iconic Warner Bros. sign-off, “That’s All Folks!” This served as a memorable farewell for attendees as they exited the event.

The collaboration between ATOMIC, Soren West, Mike Rhoads Design, and Warner Brothers Discovery resulted in a classy and well-executed Upfront event. The carefully crafted stage elements not only made the programming stand out, but also left a lasting impression on the audience, emphasizing the creativity and innovation that ATOMIC brings to the world of event production. We were stoked to bring together the power of production and custom craftsmanship to create yet another unforgettable live experience.