Shattered – SuperWall

Harvested straight from the enigmatic frozen mountain range on planet showbiz, this rare and coveted resource is known to cause extreme levels of visual excitement. Once constructed, the Shattered Modular Systems panels exude a powerful energy, plugging the physical environment directly into your senses. Hang from a truss or build from the ground up, Shattered is ready to make its dramatic entrance on a stage near you. The no-show connector design allows for a sleek look and displaces light in the best way possible. Ready to transform your next event space? Call our Modular Systems cosmonauts today to discuss options.

Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 3

Back Light 0

Up Light 5

Projection/Video 3

Projection/Gobo 3


22.5in x 22.5in x 2in
572mm x 572mm x 50mm
1088 grams
Fire Rating:
IFR / B1


  • Lititz, PA
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Available Finishes

Hover or focus on each swatch to enlarge and view swatch name.

  • Light Gray

Show Rate:


Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
• Tie to truss or pipe and base via tie line and SuperLever F4 connector
• Compatible with black connectors only

Build Time:
60 minutes for 1 person to assemble a 10′ x 10′ SuperWall

Installation Directions: