UN Women

Custom branding popped on these SuperColumns

Strategically placed SuperColumns added a wonderful branded flair to the event space

Applied graphics created this impactful presenter stage background

Custom built flats with custom graphics shared unique messages throughout the halls

Visually stunning SuperColumns with custom branding were placed throughout the event space

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The UN Women hosted a simulation lab exploring cutting edge solutions with blockchain technology at a four-day long event.┬áDesigned by Denmark based designer Maiken Thonke, the event utilized services from ATOMIC’s design, set construction and rental solutions teams.

Knowing that getting service from the freight elevator could pose a challenge, ATOMIC Designer Taylor Jurell pushed an affordable theory of using Rental Solutions that could pack small and still play big. Strategically placed SuperColumns added impactful scenery throughout the event with custom branding. The Set Construction team provided flat walls with applied graphics to pull the inspiring look together.

Overall this event provided a great message and inspiring technology, and we were stoked to help dress up the event space! Thanks to TeamPeople for including us!