Nike Unleash Speed

Unleash Speed, Nike's Hall of Innovation

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What better way to spend Super Bowl week than with the top notch innovators in sport technology at Nike? ATOMIC helped to create an environment to showcase their innovations with artistic exhibits and interactive experiences. This activation left a lasting impression on guests and invited influencers to share their takeaways.

ATOMIC created a number of vignettes to highlight Nike technology including a retrospective of training shoes, their one of a kind Flyknit material, and the Vapor Carbon II Cleat. Based on the theme of speed the centerpiece of the show was an interactive Speed Track that filmed participants in real time running a 40 yard dash and sent them home with a video piece to share. Bo Jackson, the legendary 40 yard dash world record holder, even stopped by to check out the action and offer his expertise.

ATOMIC headed up a complex workflow utilizing cutting edge technology to deliver on the client’s creative vision. We could not have done it without the support and talent from our partners in Rock Lititz – PEDG, Control Freak, and Tait as well as Bolster Labs and Tantrum.