#LoveLoft Activation

The #LoveLoft activation set up at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA

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A warm Autumn day, a street artist, a pop-up florist and lots of smiles were the perfect recipe for success. Loft promoted their “Share the Love” project on the streets of New York City with a super cool and colorful backdrop created by street artist and designer Chris Uphues. ATOMIC Production Services’ team was brought into the project by PR company Carl Byrd & Co to run point for all the logistics.

In order to create a shareable selfie moment for the #LoveLoft campaign, high traffic areas were scouted out and selected by our team. The Production Services team coordinated the entire permitting process for parking, building, and installing the walls in Astor Place and Flatiron Plazas. They also coordinated the labor for installation and strike for the walls built by Square Design, Inc. Covering all bases, our team also booked overnight security and a daytime production assistant so the artwork sitting on the street was safe and sound.

The icing on the cake for the public who decided to stop and take a selfie was The Popup Florist, standing by to give the first 600 lucky people a beautiful bouquet. ATOMIC was happy to be part of this social media campaign and fun experience for thousands of people who decided to “Share the Love.” Thanks to our clients and partners, Loft, Carl Byrd & Co, Chris Uphues, The Pop Up Florist and Square Design, Inc.