Anatomy of an Event Part 1: Production Services

Nike Unleash Speed at Moynihan Station during 2014 Super Bowl week

The bar is set – you’re given a few concepts and told you have a few months to crank out an incredible experiential event for some key influencers. Where do you go from there? After hiring a production company and knowing you have a great team on board, the next step is finding the right venue. Before a designer can start to bring your concepts to fruition, the building specs, logistics and timing of the venue need to be solidified. 

Our Production Services team has seen it all from building temporary structures in sub-zero temperatures, to decking out a local rec center or producing shows in historical buildings where you can’t touch a thing. When selecting a venue basic elements we take for granted make a world of difference like whether or not there is an HVAC system or the condition of the restrooms (if they even exist). How much power is available? How close is public transportation? All these things and more go into selecting the right venue to create your ideal event.

Over the past three years, ATOMIC has produced numerous Nike experiential events and product launches, three of which were with Skylight Group at Skylight at Moynihan Station in Manhattan, NY. Skylight Group focuses on developing historic, off market real estate that is inaccessible to the normal market, and bringing unique opportunities for activations. When first selected in 2012 for The Open at Moynihan Station, this venue was new, fresh and unique – a rare find in NYC. The venue is a blank slate that can be transformed and ideally located right by Penn Station and other public transportation.

The Open at Skylight at Moynihan featured Nike’s new Tech-pack technology in one space.

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While the second half of the venue housed an experiential area inspired by tennis and table tennis.

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In 2013, Nike and ATOMIC returned to work with Skylight Group at Moynihan to transform the space for Nike Just Do it NYC: House of Innovation. A product launch featuring art installations with Dri-fit Wool and Free Flyknits.

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In 2014, Skylight at Moynihan served as the venue for one of Nike’s Super Bowl events, Unleash Speed. This event featured a number of vignettes highlighting Nike technology and a retrospective of Nike training shoes.

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What’s after finding the ideal venue? Stay tuned for Anatomy of an Event Part 2: Design!

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