Setting the Stage for Sustainable Events

A Q&A with ATOMIC’s European team about spearheading sustainability efforts.

Lights, camera, action – and a green revolution. The world of live events is undergoing a transformation that is all about sustainability. It’s not just about throwing unforgettable parties; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with the environment, society, and your budget. In this era of heightened environmental awareness, sustainability has become a cornerstone of the European event market. Event planners, organizers, and designers are now seeking the perfect harmony between eco-consciousness and entertainment, with attendees who are increasingly eco-savvy. To shed light on this movement, ATOMIC Modular Systems’ very own Felix Nuyten and Ben Huder have answered questions about what they are seeing in terms of sustainability in live events in the European market. They’ll also share how ATOMIC is at the forefront of this sustainability revolution. Join us on this interview as we uncover the key trends and practices that are revolutionizing live events and making sustainability the star of the show.

How would you define sustainability in the context of live events?

Sustainability in the world of live events? We’re talking about throwing shindigs that don’t just rock the party but also rock the eco-meter, keep everyone in the groove, and keep the wallet in check. Think of it as crafting an event experience where the environment, society, and your budget are all in harmony. If we turn our focus on the stage build for this questions, it is all centered around two main components. First off – a conscious choice of products on your stage. Include reusable and sustainable materials and products where ever you can. The second main component: in cases where disposal is necessary, make sure the raw materials will see the light of show again. We want to maintain a closed loop by recycling raw materials to be sure nothing turns to landfill after we use it. ATOMIC plays All-Star in both games. Our design solutions are 100% reusable. When they exceed their life span, we work with manufacturers to go full circle and make what’s leftover into a new product.

Can you share some specific examples of sustainability initiatives that you have seen implemented in events?

Sure thing, here are some chill examples of sustainability moves at events:

  • LED lighting: Instead of using conventional lighting, we are seeing folks chose LED lighting which uses much less power.
  • Reuse and Recycle: Nice to see you again. Any materials we won’t trash after a show make a difference. For those that need to be trashed it’s important it can be reused in the future. Going full circle by recycling reduced the footprint of a show.
  • Recycling Stations: Ever been to an event with those “recycle here” bins? They make it easy to toss your empties into the right place, so they don’t end up in a landfill.
  • Eco-Friendly Food: Some events serve up grub that’s sourced locally or made with sustainable ingredients. It’s like a delicious way to support local farmers and reduce food miles.
  • Rideshare Deals and Public Transport: Ever heard of events hooking up with rideshare apps? They offer discounts or special pick-up zones to encourage people to carpool or use shared transportation. And if you can avoid traveling by car a lot of shows have added a public transport ticket included with the admission for your favorite concert.
  • No More Paper Tickets & Brochures: Apps and digital tickets are the way to go. No more fumbling for paper tickets; just flash your phone and you’re in.

What motivated us to focus on sustainability?

At ATOMIC, our journey towards sustainability is driven by a profound commitment to the environment and a belief in the transformative power of responsible event planning. We’ve made sustainability a cornerstone of our approach because it’s not just a trend; it’s a mission to create remarkable event experiences that leave a positive mark on the world. Our motivation comes from the desire to reduce the environmental footprint of live events, while simultaneously enhancing their impact and appeal. As part of this commitment, our Modular Systems Rental Solutions have been crafted to align seamlessly with these principles. Our no-tools-required, reusable scenic backdrops not only offer a creative edge but are also designed to minimize waste and energy consumption. Each SuperLever panel is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, constructed from high-quality recyclable materials. It is our belief that these modular systems are the ideal sustainable solution for those looking to rent decor for their next event. Our focus on sustainability reflects our belief that memorable events can be both awe-inspiring and environmentally responsible.

Can you provide an example of how ATOMIC’s Modular Systems improved the environmental impact of a live event?

All events using ATOMIC Modular Systems have the impact of a reusable back wall, so the list is long. Once specific example we are proud of is a recent road show that hit 26 countries in about 6 months. Our products reduced the crew needs and travel requirements though quick assembly and disassembly of meeting spaces which meant less waste and a more eco-conscious, cost-effective event. The adjustable design made the set fit into various spaces, therefore eliminating the need for multiple setups. Plus, they’re designed to minimize energy and resource consumption during transportation – Packs small, plays BIG!

How do sustainable practices benefit event organizers/planners/designers?

In so many ways, let’s break it down to the key points:

  • Boosted Street Cred: Sustainable events make you look like the cool kids on the block. People love a green-conscious host, and it can give your rep a serious boost.
  • More Money in the Bank: Going green often means more green in your wallet. By saving on stuff like energy and waste management, you’re pocketing more profit.
  • Attract Big Fish Sponsors: Businesses with eco-friendly vibes are lining up to sponsor events like yours. Your sustainability focus can be the golden ticket to snagging those big sponsorships.
  • Outshine the Competition: Sustainable events stand out in a sea of same-old, same-old. That gives you the edge to draw in attendees, sponsors, and the spotlight.
  • Flex Your Creative Muscle: Sustainability encourages you to think outside the box. You’ll come up with cool, unique event ideas that leave everyone talking.
  • Shout it from the Rooftops: Your sustainable practices are excellent marketing material. They get people talking, and social media is all about that good, green buzz.
  • Leave a Legacy: Your events will leave a positive mark on the world. You’re not just throwing parties; you’re making the world a better place.

What advice would you give event planners/organizers/designers who are just starting to explore sustainability options for their events?

Start with simple eco-friendly steps, get your team involved, and have fun coming up with cool sustainability ideas to make your events more earth-friendly and exciting.

How can being sustainable in events enhance the overall experience for event attendees?

Sustainability at events is like the ultimate upgrade for attendees. You get cleaner surroundings, Instagram-worthy decor, and even better food and drinks. Plus, you might learn something cool and make new eco-conscious friends. It’s all about good vibes and feeling good about the planet while having a blast!

What trends are you seeing in the event industry related to sustainability?

In the world of events, the trends are all about going green – from zero-waste parties, sustainable decor, renewable energy, inclusivity, education, and ethical choices, it’s all about creating memorable, eco-conscious, and accessible gatherings. It is beyond a nice-to-have by now.  Clients and our teams expect to do the best we can to make our shows as sustainable as we can bit still rock on.

So, there you have it, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword in the event industry – it’s a groove worth dancing to. With ATOMIC’s Modular Systems products, we’re leading the way to a more sustainable and exciting event future. Let’s keep the party going while keeping our planet in mind!

Click here to learn more about how our products lead the way in sustainability by exploring our informative Modular Systems Sustainability Flyer.

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