Black is the New Black

Trax Superzipper rocking out

It’s finally gone full circle “Black is the new black.” Can we back that statement up? You betcha. 

You’ve heard of the expression that great things come in threes, right? Like The Three Stooges, The Three Amigos, The Three Musketeers….our team just cooked up the next great trio with Blax, Stax and Trax, modernized black masking and black show drapes. 

Let’s start with the simplest of our three introductions.  Say hello to Blax, ATOMIC’s version of masking blacks. Yes, you heard that right…masking blacks!  But not just your standard run of the mill masking blacks. We’re breaking the rules and talking masking blacks unlike anything you’ve seen before.

  • 70% less weight  than standard issue velour drapes = reduced shipping
  • Mock fullness = more formal
  • Texture = more luxurious
  • Webbing\Grommets\Ties AND Pipe pockets in one drape = choices, what?!
  • Blax is a stuffer, not a folder = no wasted time and labor folding our drapes
  • Non-absorbent fabric = leave the party at the party not on your drapes
  • IFR = even when the party is heating up, your drapes are not.
  • Tough as hell!

Next up in this dynamic trio, we’re turning our attention to stage blacks with the introduction of Stax and Trax. Similar in features to Blax, yet completely different in looks… they’re brothers from another mother! All the features you’ve come to expect in ATOMIC’s patented SuperZipper line but with a twist and a nod to the dark side! So, go ahead, mix and match until your hearts content and find out why “black is the new black.”

Drape drop.

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