MUSE – A Tantalizing Soiree

The Duck & Bao station at MUSE featuring Pippa panels with integrated LEDs

The Fondue or Fondant Station at MUSE featuring Buule SuperZipper and Custom Graphic SuperColumns

The La Pouche Chaude (Hot Pocket) station at Muse featuring Wafer panels

The S'wig bar at Muse featuring Laser SuperZipper

The Mecanique station at MUSE featuring Gearz SuperColumns and Pinwheels

The Table to Farm station at Muse featuring a custom printed graphic wall

The Underbelly station at MUSE featuring Pillows

The Choux Fetish Station at Muse featuring Flounce and Gossamer SuperZipper

The party space of Muse at CaterSource Event-Solutions 2014

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Nine mythological muses served as the artists’ inspiration for a night filled with intrigue. The MUSE soiree that ATOMIC co-produced with Catering by Design for the 2014 Event-Solutions Tradeshow exposed fascinating, tantalizing and even risqué new ideas in food, presentation, decor and entertainment!

For the MUSE party, ATOMIC and CBD created eight unique stations to showcase imaginative food created by Cade Nagy and his team.  The pictures above show the stations, each one inspired by the location of the Event-Solutions Tradeshow, the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. As the ATOMIC design team started planning, thoughts of the streets of Paris, the art scene, and the muse of creativity sparked many of the ideas and looks that came to fruition. This event was the perfect place for ATOMIC to showcase custom work and new products, like Gossamer, to gauge the audience reaction and interest. Whether its a custom printed vinyl sky or LEDs integrated into the SuperLever products we love pushing our products to new  limits and setting the tone for up a cutting-edge party scene!


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