We love right angles but sometimes you just have to mix it up and add some circular POP to your design, #amiright? Available in three different sizes, these circular units can be hung or ground supported in straight lines or organically clustered. Use our solid or textured white fabric skins to transform these beauties with front, back or uplighting. Splash some projection onto the solid panels and watch them come to life. Add some personality to your lounge or lobby with our premium upholstered fabric options, or go totally custom and have our team print your logo or design directly onto the panels. The options are endless, the circle gets the square!

Poppies are circular rings with fabric skins that include a twist-lock technology. Depending on your configuration, use our polestar system or use client-supplied ground support pipe and base. Also, you can hang them on pipe or truss! Poppies will arrive onsite with skins already attached, and with the simple twist technology, they are sure to install quickly. 

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Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 5

Back Light 3

Up Light 3

Projection/Video 5

Projection/Gobo 4


Size: 22.5″ diameter / 572 mm diameter
Weight: 4 lb. / 1.815 kg
Fire Rating: IFR / B1

Size: 33″ diameter / 839 mm diameter
Weight: 5 lb. / 2.268 kg
Fire Rating: IFR / B1

Size: 43″ diameter / 1,093 mm diameter
Weight: 6lb. / 2.722 kg
Fire Rating: IFR / B1


  • Lititz, PA

Available Finishes

Hover or focus on each swatch to enlarge and view swatch name.

  • Wazoo

  • White Camo Net

  • White

  • Arya

  • Damask

  • Pathway

  • PinkZebra

  • Swirl

  • Tango

Custom finishes available.
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Show Rate:

Starting at $75/panel. Call for details.

Installation Information

Installation Requirements:
Use ground supported or hang from pipe or truss. 

Build Time:
5 minutes for 1 person to assemble each poppy.

Installation Directions: