The story begins as our spaceship gently touches down in a land that seemingly fell into a deep freeze practically overnight. The terrain is strewn with frozen waterfalls and glaciers.  How could we not be inspired by such beauty?  C’mon it’s time to grab our picks and axes as we ascend the icy terrain and say hello to Rise.  Our super-chill, glacier inspired SuperZipper with dramatic ridges is certain to make your show the coolest on the planet.

Move quickly and efficiently up the frozen glaciers by zipping Rise to any other modular SuperZipper panel in a matter of minutes.  Splash Rise with some front or up lights, and you have yourself a glowing glacier. Anchor your next step, or should we say show, here with Rise. Onward and Upward!

Rating System (5 = optimal)

Front Light 5

Back Light 2

Up Light 5

Projection/Video 0

Projection/Gobo 0


Size: 30′ H x 5′ W
Weight:  13 lb.
Fire Rating:  IFR


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Lititz, PA
  • Miami, FL

Show Rate:

$375 per panel

Installation Information

Tie on pipe or truss via grommets and ties

30 minutes for 1 person to hang or build a 30′ x 20′ backdrop

Installation Directions: