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Room Partitions and Dividers
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Gala - Award
Live Streaming

The studio set features FABlok Wedge walls and SuperFlats with vibrant imagery printed as the focal point.

This space is transformed by custom-printed SuperFlats

Custom-printed SuperFlats create a stunning studio in this loft.

SuperFlats surround Dash SuperWall



Custom, Hive and Triad SuperLever panels create a studio backdrop for this live stream (Photo credit: LUMA Partners)

Custom branded SuperWall for Michael Cerbelli's The Hot List at TSE 2020

Modular Pyramid SuperLever panels snap together for this broadcast set backdrop

Pyramids set the backdrop for a live-turned-streaming TEDx event

Blubby and Frosty SuperWall and Custom Branded panels set the backdrop for a corporate streaming event

Pyramid and Xplode SuperLever panels used for create the backdrop for this streaming studio

Splash projection onto Wafer panels as seen here at The Special Event Asia.

Comb Hex Panels stand in front of an un-panel backdrop

xPlode SuperColumns both hung and ground supported to create these impressively tall columns onstage!

Add pizazz to your backdrop with our custom premium gold zeddit panels!

Loop SuperColumns glow with uplighting in this dark space

Laser and Buule Soft Goods on tour with The Who

Chadz hung at an angle took light well and added flair to this iHeartRadio stage design

Groove SuperColumns glow in front of Laser SuperZipper soft goods.

Wafer panels were uniquely hung to create this look with xPlode panels onstage.

FASTwall Fir dressed this hallway creating a festive vibe

SuperLever Hive built into a SuperWall adds dimension to this space

Chiclet and Clover SuperLever panels hung above the stage creating a super unique vibe

SuperLever panel Blockem adds bold impact to this SuperWall and SuperColumns

SuperLever panels Zeddit and Comb paired well to make this impressive backdrop

Wafer hangs alongside Hex Columns

Custom vinyl and Comb panels set the stage for the 2019 Robin Hood Heroes Breakfast

Pillows dazzle with lights and lasers at this conference

The combinations are endless with our SuperLever panels; look how Chadz and Clover

Pillows and Wafers create beautiful screen surrounds for this conference

Chiclet and Atlas join together to create a wide SuperWall for the bpama convention

Pyramid and Triad set the stage for the Granicus Summit

Un-Curve glows with a frosted finish as it adds depth to the Un-Panel line

Udon glows like fire in front a sea of Laser

Zeddit collaborates with Clover for this conference stage

They're light and they're thin; wafer panels garnish the stage

Bring sexy back in silver and black with Stax

Razor walls snapped together to line the stage, with Chadz glowing downstage

Always ready to shine on stage, Starburst dressed the set for Justin Timberlake

Pillow creates a comfy and cozy environment for any event.

Sit and relax in front of this Triad SuperWall with a Premium finish

Udon stretches and lines up across the back as Hive columns take center stage

Unleash the Dark Side; the force is strong with Trax

Chadz and Clover, with purple lighting, make a brilliant room divider

Throw it back to the cinema, grab some popcorn and cozy up to Un-Reel!

Chadz and Comb panels add design appeal to this tradeshow booth

Utilize Wafer panels to create a visually appealing backdrop

Blax and Xplode create a dynamic team

Chadz mixed with Clover panels create a dimensional SuperWall

Misia Origami dominates the stage with Buckle SuperColumns as the supporting act

Catch a Wave in your next event with this ebbing and flowing design.

Cappuccino creates a ballroom feel at the 2014 PGA Awards.

StretchSet Udon floats across the stage accompanied by vibrant lighting

Laser made a splash onstage at the House of Blues

Un-cut and Un-panel teamed up create a vibrant stage look.

Pillow in a unique configuration adds coziness to the stage.

Buckle and Comb panels and superb lighting add pizzazz to this stage.

Pinwheels created a unique design to backup Pharrell on The Ellen Show

Udon sets the stage at the Merx Expert Summit in 2018

Hive SuperWall with Premium wood finished panels create an intriguing lounge space at Hudson Yards

Custom CNC panels created for Kohler take branding to a new height.

Web SuperLever panels add a sleek and rugged look to any event

Comb panels set the stage for this Mercedes Benz showroom with its simple but sleek design.

BlubbyPyramid and Custom Panels set the tone for the Zur Hölle Damit show. Photo Cred: ORF/Roman Zach-Kiesling

EDJO and XPLODE create a dimensional look behind Adam Lambert on The Talk

Wedge SuperColumns and a Laser backdrop create a visually stunning background for the stage

Custom vinyl columns of women made a huge impact at the UN Women simulation lab

Pillow dazzles in light as it surrounds the screen at a conference

The 2019 NABC Guardians of the Game Awards show featuring Buckle and Flare FASTwalls

Cell Cloth creates a unique textured background for the TSE Gala After Party in 2014

Chadz SuperColumns set the stage for OneRepublic on The Ellen Show

Honeycomb used as a wall sets the tone for this lounge

Colorful lighting shines on our Wafer wall and makes it pop

Knot FastWall creates a cool atmosphere on stage at the AutoConference LA in 2015

Comb SuperWalls glow at the KB Home Conference, creating a warm feel to the room

Miranda Lambert stands in front a custom branded Chiclet SuperWall at the 2016 ACM Awards

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)


Knot FASTwall backs up The Goo Goo Dolls on The Talk (photo credit: Matt Tognacci)

Fablok Wave, Dune and Notch integrate into a SuperWall to create a freestanding backdrop

Blubby, Buule and Gossamer all came together for the fabulous 4th Annual Wishing Well Winter Gala

Fizz and Chiclet SuperWalls light up the stage

Clover panels create a unique tradeshow space for Hochbahn

Pyramid and Chiclet SuperLever panels encompass the VH1 Scope Lounge

Comb panels dress the stage for The Atlantic in 2017

Xplode SuperColumns complete this cozy lounge look.

Our Shoal backdrop creates a sleek vibe for an on-camera interview

Blubby and Frosty panels work well together to create a unique look for this stage.

Stretchset Udon panels glow onstage at the Merx Expert Summit in 2018

Chadz back up the new Stormtroopers at the Star Wars Celebration in 2015.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Hive SuperColumns with custom woodgrain texture creates a cool lounge feel

Chadz and Comb panels dress up the stage at the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2014.

Pippa SuperColumns create this unique configuration look for a gala.

Premium woodgrain finishes on our Dash panels adds texture to this lobby space

Chadz make a splash behind Hozier on the set of The Ellen Show

America's Got Talent judges pose in front of a Knot FastWall in the judge's lounge

Blubby SuperWall and Frosty Columns set the stage for any awards show.

Buule acts as a backdrop for the 2013 Event Solutions show

Turbine electrifies the stage behind Dustin Lynch on the Talk

Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tube and Chiclet panels lined the stage at TEDxLancaster creating a retro TV look.

Ryan Lewis performs in front of Razor SuperColumns on The Ellen Show


Credit to Production Designer Jay Heiserman

Add a Dash SuperWall to any lounge space to add a unique design element.

Pyramid and Razor panels made an appearance a the Driving Sales Executive Summit

(Photo Credit: 2014 Driving Sales Executive Summit)



This corporate event stage featured a Chadz SuperWall (Photo credit to Louis Raynor)

Blubby and Clover SuperWalls created this freestanding lounge space.