Tide Laundry Experience at SXSW

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To introduce the latest and greatest laundry innovation, Tide, a Procter & Gamble brand, assembled a powerhouse team of creatives to expose the science behind their newest product in a captivating and fun fashion. With the direction of New York City based creative agency, MKG, ATOMIC’s Custom Fabrication team built an immersive, high touch build for the Tide Laundry Experience at SXSW. The big, bright, and experiential build had multiple areas in which ATOMIC created several premium pieces:

  • A branded entry wall with custom graphics.
  • A Lab area that was sectioned off by a wall painted with the iconic Tide blue where hands-on demos of the product at work took place on a custom constructed bar that was accompanied by multiple shelves to hold supplies.
  • A Tide evo cabinet which was a jumbo-sized imitation of the packaging and stored 48 massive fabric pillows hand-sewn by our team to mimic evo tiles.
  • An LED integrated Tide logo.
  • An outdoor exit tunnel structure, which was assembled with clad truss and accessorized with 27 ropes varying between 1 – 8 ft.

All the interactive features were key elements in the explorative display. Each team was deliberate in making a big impression by transporting the participants into the inner workings of a tiny tile.

Huge thank you to @thisismkg and the team at @proctergamble for entrusting us with this build and collaborating seamlessly every step of the way. Their vision and enthusiasm were instrumental in bringing this experience to life! 🫶