TEDxCambridge 2018

SuperLever Soft Goods Fog Panels create a crisp projection surface at TEDxCambridge

StretchSet Udon and SuperZipper Cirrus panels created a unique backdrop at TEDxCambridge

Project easily onto Fog panels as seen here at the 2018 TEDxCambridge event

Udon looking sharp in front of beautifully lit SuperZipper Cirrus panels

Add content to our Fog panels as seen here at the TEDxCambridge 2018 event

Layered Rental Solutions add a big impact onstage

Mix and Match rental solutions' panels to create a unique, immersive stage

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The team at TEDxCambridge stepped up their game once again with top notch speakers and entertainers, and team ATOMIC was happy to be a part of it. Providing design support and rental solutions, our team collaborated with Executive Director Dmitri Gunn to create a stage that portrayed a TEDx event, but took the immersive experience up a level while keeping the installation time to a minimum. To do this, ATOMIC designers Ethan Martin and Brie Rogers utilized our “packs small, plays BIG”¬†Udon panels¬†which added a sharp, dynamic look placed in front of our beautifully textured SuperZipper Cirrus panels.

In addition to assisting with the backdrop designs for the event, our design team also collaborated with Sam Okerstrom-Lang and Cramer on the opening sequence leading into the start of the show. Utilizing our brand-spankin’-new Fog panels, the team curated content to play on the magical projection surfaces which eventually flew out after the opening to reveal the screen.

Congratulations to our partners on a successful, well rated TEDx event! Special thanks to Executive Director of TEDxCambridge Dmitri Gunn, Mike Marchetti at the Boston Opera House, Rachel Arditi with TEDxCambridge, Brendan Martin with Cramer and Tank Design.