Social Galaxy at Samsung 837

Social Galaxy Experience at Samsung 837. Photo Credit: Hans Eric Olson


Social Galaxy Experience at Samsung 837. Photo Credit: Samsung

Rendering of the Social Galaxy Experience at Samsung 837.

Rendering of the Social Galaxy Experience at Samsung 837.

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Welcome to Samsung 837, a “living lab and digital playground.” The perfect project for ATOMIC to provide scenic fabrication and design support. Samsung’s flagship store located in the heart of the Meatpacking district opened in early 2016 but it isn’t just any store. Samsung 837 is a place “where technology and culture collide,” a beautiful building that features an amphitheatre, virtual reality tunnel, customer service area, cafe, and more…including the Social Galaxy experience built by Team ATOMIC.

Kenzo Digital, an immersive storytelling company conceptualized the Social Galaxy experience and brought on ATOMIC to fabricate this immersive social experience. More than 9′ tall and 47′ long, the tunnel shaped structure was fabricated with a stainless steel mirror floor, glass mirror walls and an arching wall with hundreds of Samsung devices  (tablets, Galaxy Note 5s, Galaxy S 6s, and various sizes of Samsung monitors). Talk about sensory overload…in the best possible way.

Samsung describes the Social Galaxy as “a hyper immersive and mind-bending exploration of social identity by Kenzo Digital. This installation brings new perspective to who we are as individuals and social beings.” In ATOMIC (or street) language, that means you walk into the space and are blown away! Guests walk up to the Social Galaxy and enter their public Instagram information. As the guest walks through the first third of the tunnel, they are surrounded by their Instagram content and music playing across the hundreds of devices. The middle third of the tunnel displays and announces via voiceover the recent hashtags used on the guest’s Instagram account. Finally in the last third of the tunnel, the Instagram content starts to meld and mash up with other guest’s content, leading out of the tunnel to a selfie station. After snapping a photo at the selfie station (also built by Team ATOMIC), a “mosaicalized” version of the selfie is displayed on the enormous three-story screen inside Samsung 837.

It’s not every day ATOMIC gets to build a mirror tunnel structure filled with 280 Samsung devices. A mega thanks to Kenzo Digital for including ATOMIC in this amazing project.