Robin Hood Benefit 2019

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ATOMIC had a blast teaming up with the Robin Hood Foundation to transform the Javits Center in New York City into an impressive evening event for guests. Our Set Construction team worked vigorously for the nineteenth year in a row constructing multiple unique scenic elements for the annual event.

With education being the focus of the David Stark team’s design, ATOMIC built larger-than-life elements typically found in schools. As guests approached the entrance into the benefit event, they were greeted with a 13′ tall chair that resembled a school desk chair. Our team borrowed a desk chair from a local school and modeled it at four times the scale, then mounted it to a custom built base. Entering the event, 5,000 colorful donated backpacks lined the hall. Our team provided the netting and clips that were used to hang the backpacks. Exiting the hall into the cocktail space, a 9′ wide and 13′ tall calculator stood in a sea of brightly colored scenery. Our team constructed the calculator and installed internal battery operated LED lights to make the calculator screen glow.

Throughout the cocktail room, our team installed custom built column surrounds, with internal cubbies that were used by the talented dancers during the event. Other ground supported scenery in the cocktail room included a 16′ wide abacus and a 9′ tall right angle. Hanging elements built by our team included multiple welded metal frames, a square root, a large lime green box, a bar graph integrated with video and an impressive 15′ wide infinity loop made entirely of plywood and hung on a tilt. Our team also installed star drops surrounding the cocktail room, as well as black drapes around the perimeter of the dining space.

Overall, it was a blast helping to create such a unique space for such a great cause and wouldn’t have been possible without our stellar client and partners: The Robin Hood Foundation, David Stark Design and Production (Creative Design), Nimblist (Technical Producers), All Access, George Czinkota and our friends at Theatrical Resources.