P&G LifeLab at CES 2020

The P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

The P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

Charmin’s “Go Lab” robot portion of the P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

Charmin’s “Go Lab” VR portion of the P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

The P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

The P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

Airia plinths in the P&G LifeLab Booth at CES 2020

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P&G returned to CES for the second year to continue telling its innovative story and preview what’s next in consumer technology from their core businesses.

The booth structure, dubbed “LifeLab,” was smarty designed in 2018 as a “kit of parts” by architecture firm 2×4 to allow flexibility to repurpose and reconfigure the booth’s elements and materials for future installations, while the absence of a single 90º angle retains its fresh look year over year.

P&G once again turned to Team ATOMIC to provide production services, design support, and set construction of the state-of-the-art exhibit that allowed them to connect with thousands of consumers through visual and experiential storytelling. The 4,000 square foot main booth rises up to 12 feet off the ground, is wrapped in 1,500 sq ft of glowing SEG fabric, and hovers on an 8-inch subfloor covered in a recycled rubber regrind flooring. The booth pulsates with content running on almost 500 sq ft of LED tile, 57 flush-mounted monitors, 27 display devices, and a full PA system for staged presentations, all provided and controlled by ATOMIC’s longtime partner, WorldStage. The whole environment is bathed with intently soft, even light, designed by Seth Bernstein, sculpted by gaffer Ronnie Skopac, and hung from a clean truss structure engineered by CassidyRig. Lighting and power gear provided by 4Wall.

In addition to ATOMIC, agency Unit 9 were brought in to realize Charmin’s “Go Lab” portion of the booth, with one-of-a-kind innovations fabricated by Creative NY including the toilet paper delivering RollBot, a malodor sensing machine, and a seated VR experience.

Adjacent to its main booth, P&G also pitched a 2000 sqf festoon-crowned “campsite” featuring not one, but two Airstream demo experiences where attendees could personally test drive Oral B’s unreleased iO electric toothbrush and Gillette’s new Heated Razor.

Additional key partners that brought the booth to life include Big Finn Vegas, Earlybird Visual, S&M Scenic, Sho-Link, and TourTech.