P&GLifeLab at CES 2019

P&GLifeLab at CES 2019 in Sands Expo, Las Vegas

The P&GLifeLab entryway graphics changed each day based on the featured brand

The P&G Ventures area in the 50'x80' space

The SKII area of the P&GLifeLab exhibit

The SKII area of the P&GLifeLab exhibit

The Airia brand took over the P&GLifeLab entryway

The Airia space in the P&GLifeLab

The center theater and presentation stage featured different brand content each day

SEG Walls surrounded the outside of the P&GLifeLab

Welcome to the P&GLifeLab

P&G press conference at Mandalay Bay kicking off CES week

P&G press conference at Mandalay Bay kicking off CES week

P&G press conference at Mandalay Bay kicking off CES week

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2019 marked Procter & Gamble’s first appearance at the Consumer Electronic Show, the premier event for previewing what’s next in consumer technology. CES provided a powerful opportunity for P&G to tells its innovation story, build connections with partners, and inspire new digital innovation across its categories.

P&G turned to Team ATOMIC, to build a state-of-the-art, experiential exhibit that would allow them to connect with thousands of consumers through visual storytelling. We were tasked with managing production, design support and set construction of a 50’ x 80’ award-winning space.

As a newcomer to the space, P&G enlisted the help of key agency partners to fuel its success. The Company engaged 2X4, an architectural design company, to conceptualize their exhibit called the “P&GLifeLab.” This concept delivered on the idea that when P&G combines breakthrough science with powerful digital technology, it can provide products and services that transform people’s everyday lives. It showcased brands like Opte from P&G Ventures, AIRIA, Gillette, Oral B and SKII as the “heroes” of this exhibit to deliver on its concept.

ATOMIC worked hand-in-hand with 2×4 and P&G to translate their architecture design and structural ideas into a temporary, quick-to-build trade show exhibit that could be reused. The booth featured distinct and beautiful experiences for five businesses with a central area (including a theater) that focused on daily brand takeovers. Large video screens were placed in each business space to support the various technologies on display.

We used our vast knowledge and expertise to guide the exhibit from concept to reality, including facilitation of all booth operations and programming. Additionally, Team ATOMIC collaborated with P&G and their various agencies to understand their intent, determine what could be achieved and then execute all of the visions into reality. Over the course of four-days, P&G’s exhibit garnered significant traditional and broadcast media attention, as well as high levels of traffic from CES participants.

The P&GLifeLab was also built as a modular and reusable space delivering on P&G’s commitment to sustainability. ATOMIC’s innovative engineering allowed the exhibit to be easily adapted on site and in various future environments. Our Set Construction team pioneered a new design for the subfloor. The team routed the floor pieces like a puzzle with lines routed directly in the floor to mark where all the walls and pieces would be built. Onsite there was little delay in assembling the floor which served as the blueprint for the entire build, saving the precious minutes in the normally tedious process of marking and tape.

Named as one of the top 20 trade show booths by EXHIBITOR Magazine on their Best of CES list and receiving multiple awards for their product innovations, P&G and all its partners, like ATOMIC, can consider the inaugural year a true success and a strong investment in building the reputation of the company as a true innovator.

It’s a privilege to work with our amazing client P&G and our partner agencies 2×4, H&K, Huge, MSL, Ketchum and Happy Finish. Thanks to our many vendor partners Seth Bernstein, EarlyBird Visual, WorldStage, 4Wall, CassidyRig, TourTech, Kurt Kohl and Sholink & SES.