NikeTown Flash Retail Installation

Watch the Nike Flash product installation at NikeTown New York

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What does the largest and most complex installation to date at NikeTown New York look like? We’ll tell ya, it’s the Nike Flash product installation built by ATOMIC and managed by our Production Services team. Displayed at NikeTown on 57th Street in Manhattan, the three-story window display boasts an LED node curtain that is constantly running content promoting the new Flash products. Inside the store, a jaw-dropping chandelier display features the Nike Flash shoes and elements of mother-nature (think falling rain and snow, check out the video above).

Team ATOMIC was there from the start with our Production Services team overseeing the project from design interpretation and support to building custom machined pixel sticks to the client PreVis in Lititz, PA and finally the install by our Set Construction and Lighting teams. Our Production Services team really knocked it out of the park overseeing a project of this scale. The three-story window posed a challenge because of the environment and scale, our team found solutions for the display including unique custom rigging for the LED node chandelier. Despite challenges like Mother Nature (who wants rain during a video product load in?), tight load in schedules and the large scale of the project, our teams rocked it.

Fun fact about the display:

– 874 custom machined pixel sticks all with unique identifiers and a corresponding custom-milled suspension armature

– Over 44,000 discreetly addressed voxels (volumetric pixels)

– Over 5 miles of lighting and control cable in a 700 square foot area

Mega thanks to our client, Nike, and partners and vendors including Luminous FX (video producer), RGB Lights (video product), CFS (video control), Visual Noise (screen content), Early Bird Visual (programming), Eidetic Productions (lighting design), Dot & Cross (staging supervision/technical direction), C2W (rigging), Theatrical Resource (labor), Clair Brothers (Audio and PreVis Venue) and Mr. Bronx (audio content).