NikeLab 21M Retail Installation

NikeLab 21 Mercer Window with Custom Signage

Vlone display at NikeLab 21 Mercer

Nike DUNK CdG display at NikeLab 21 Mercer

Nike Bespoke iD display at NikeLab 21 Mercer

Nike DUNK R.T. display at NikeLab 21 Mercer

Nike + ACRONYM AF1 display at NikeLab 21 Mercer

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New York Fashion Week was the perfect opportunity for Nike to showcase their newest products which featured collaborations with some of the world’s best designers. As part of these new product releases, the ATOMIC Set Construction team transformed the NikeLab at 21 Mercer Street in New York City into a decked out retail space with multiple story telling displays, all geared towards the launch of these brand new sneakers.

Hanging in the front window, customers were first greeted with a CNC-cut edge lit acrylic sign with etched custom branding that glowed. Within the store, retail displays were built with a “stacked” theme, with all displays built to regulation backboard sizes. A VLONE display featured a stacked distressed concrete look and texture, with orange chains holding it together. This display was built using similar scenery from the Nike VLONE launch. The stacked acrylic display was built to showcase the Nike DUNK CdG shoe, a brand new shoe with design inspiration from the famous Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. This display consisted of 18 sheets of 1″ CNC-cut acrylic with 18 painted basketballs countersunk inside; a display that weighed over 2,000 pounds alone. The stacked maple wood display case contained a true story telling experience explaining how the NikeLab Bespoke shoes are made. With custom stained 1″ maple stacked with an acrylic top, the raw material and tools display showcased the customizable options within Bespoke. Moving over to the mirror display, three kinds of metal were sourced and built to look like bent backboards to be a standing display for the Nike DUNK R.T. shoes inspired by Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci. In the center of the store, the stacked display with a neoprene top showcased the Nike + ACRONYM AF1 shoes, a new shoe designed by ACRONYM founder Errolson Hugh. The neoprene top was CNC-cut with holes to lace up shoe laces around the center pair of sneakers. Along with the shoe display units, ATOMIC also sourced materials to build the large flags hanging on the side of the store wall, which were all branded with each of the collaborative shoes on display.

Overall, the Nike meets Designer meets stacked backboards theme was a super fun project! Sourcing cool materials and building retail displays with stories couldn’t have been more fun!  Shout-out to our awesome client and partners: Nike Brand Design and Hotel Creative.