NikeLab Essentials Retail Installation

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The NikeLab Essentials collection returned this year, combining minimal design with maximum performance using lightweight and water repellant fabrics for most weather conditions. To showcase this collection, the NikeLab 21 Mercer Store displayed their updated line of brand new retail displays. Enter Team ATOMIC.

Working with our friends over at Hotel Creative, the ATOMIC Set Construction team turned their vision into reality by creating podiums and an apparel rack that could highlight the environments and surfaces that the gear would encounter. To do this, our Set Construction team got busy working on various prototypes using many different materials and shared photos and references back and forth until final decisions were made. In the end, the mannequin podiums were built with layered substrates that showcased surfaces such as grass, wood, asphault, trails and concrete.

Overall, it was a great experience spiffing up the NikeLab 21 Mercer store yet again with stunning displays accentuating Nike’s updated collection. Shout-out to our awesome client and partners: Nike Brand Design and Hotel Creative.