Nike Hall of Phenomenal

Nike Hall of Phenomenal


Nike Skills Track

Skills Track at Nike's Hall of Phenomenal

Art installation featuring Nike Magista cleats

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Nike Hall of Phenomenal was an experiential marketing extravaganza for six days in New York City. The event was part of Nike’s #RiskEverything 2014 World Cup celebration. ATOMIC’s Production Services team worked with the Nike’s Events team and Brand Design team to craft the event, actualize the artistic vision and carry it through to execution.

ATOMIC’s Design, Lighting and Set Construction teams worked on this project which included art installations and trial areas featuring two different cleats worn by many World Cup players: the Mercurial and Magista cleats.

The product trial areas gave visitors a chance to test the cleats and take away custom video vignettes and bragging rights after testing the Mercurial cleat’s speed on the Skills Track and the Magista cleat’s agility in the Hexagon game.

In addition to highlighting the cleats, the Hall of Phenomenal included a preview of the Nike F.C. fall collection and hosted the finals of the Winner Stays soccer tournament on the Hall of Phenomenal outdoor soccer pitch.

Thanks and kudos to our client, Nike and partners PEDG, Event Resources, Bolster, Incredible Machines, Theatrical Resources, Firehouse Productions, Control Freak Systems, C2W, Event Management Group.