Nike at ComplexCon 2016

Force Court, Image via Complex Original

Backboard Rainbow, Image via Nike

Grail Wall, Image via Nike

Backboard Rainbow and Store area, Image via Nike

Store area, Image via Nike

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ComplexCon is an exhibition and culture festival that brings together the world of complex by celebrating style, music, art and sneakers. For Nike, the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker line took the spotlight at ComplexCon with a full experiential build-out celebrating the notorious sneakers.

ATOMIC’s Set Construction team worked on this project which included the force court, grail wall, chain link fence flats, store area and backboard rainbow. The force court included flats painted with a clear fire retardant finish and large graphics applied to the face. Attendees used the court area to play a game of “F.O.R.C.E.” (similar to the game H.O.R.S.E) where they could win special prizes.

The grail wall was the “Holy Grail” of Air Force 1 shoes displayed from past and present where attendees could scratch a ticket to win the opportunity to purchase a select pair of the infamous sneakers. The grail wall included 300 sheets of OSB that was scenically painted to look like concrete.

The backboard rainbow included 11 of the 37 basketball rims that were provided by ATOMIC and were displayed on backboards uniquely oriented in a rainbow shape on 9” round ladder truss to arch through the displays.

Special thanks and congrats to our client and partners Nike Brand Design, Production Glue and Lighting Designer Seth Bernstein on such a wonderful stand-out space at this year’s ComplexCon event!