Nike ACG Retail Installations

This branded morphic display was the focal point of the 21M Store for the Nike ACG Launch

Front Window graphics at NikeLab 21M

This branded morphic display was the focal point of the NikeLab 21M store

This branded morphic display included products displayed on the back

A poncho displayed on the back of the largest triangle in the center of the store

A full wall of graphics explained the newest ACG shoe

The manifesto wall included one of the many graphics in the store

The NikeLab CHI store decked out for the new Nike ACG launch

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The Nike All Conditions Gear line is back a decade later, but with an urban commuter twist. The updated collection is constructed with materials needed to brave the commuters step count in all conditions. As a part of this updated product line, the NikeLab at 21 Mercer and the NikeLab CHI at Nike Chicago were two of the many stores celebrating the launch by transforming their stores into ACG branded displays, and the ATOMIC Set Construction team was thrilled for the challenge.

Graphics were an important part of showcasing the brand. Approaching the 21M store, customers were greeted with graphics in the front window display. A pink morphic unit was the focal point of the store, standing straight down the center of the store. As guests entered the store they saw a pink triangle; however, when they moved around the store their perspective changed which created different shapes. The 4-unit display included product displays on the back sides, showcasing the different items within the collection. A detailed finish was key for this focal display, including etched acrylic and a six-coat coverage of hot pink high-gloss paint with an automotive clear coat finish.

To continue the branded vibe throughout the store, one of the store sides was finished with full-width sheets of vinyl printed with detailed branding explaining the function and build of the new ACG shoes.

At the NIkeLab CHI store, a similar branded vinyl wall stood out along with four hot pink boxes with similar finishes to the 21M morphic units, built as a focal point of the store and surrounded with retail merchandise.

Overall, it was a great experience spiffing up the NikeLab stores yet again with stunning displays accentuating Nike’s newest collection. Shout-out to our awesome client and partners: Nike Brand Design and Hotel Creative.