NBCUniversal Upfront 2024

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On Monday, May 13th, ATOMIC had the pleasure of showcasing our collaboration on the NBCUniversal Upfront for the 2024 year, which provided the ultimate celebration of upcoming sports, entertainment, live events, news, and scripted programming in the NBC space. So, what’s an Upfront, you ask? An Upfront is where NBC (the network) sells ads for their new lineup of shows in the varying categories above. Sound boring? Guess again! We decked out the stage at Radio City Music Hall for stars like Kelly Clarkson and Kevin Hart to strut out and do their thing 🤩. With stellar performances, hilarious presenters, and a huge lineup of notable television shows on the horizon— you could never be bored! ATOMIC custom fabricated a slew of stage elements for this grand presentation:

  • Flooring – glossy black, laminate-skinned stage flooring to provide a sleek surface for entertainers and execs to speak and perform on. 🎤
  • Bullnose and stage skirt – Nosing on the edge of the stage with gloss black and golden vinyl details…and a stage skirt, duh.
  • Curved masking portals – A black velour-wrapped portal to help frame the stage!
  • Hero Screens– gloss black edges and custom-carved gold painted corner details gave the hero screens a professional and architectural look as they moved smoothly across the stage throughout the show, creating multiple different scenes. 🕺🏼
  • Mid-stage tracking walls – Big truss frames wrapped in black velour and supporting to hold 13 moving lights each, that glided on and offstage, complementing the Hero Screens.
  • LED masking towers – custom curved pipe structure with a black velour border to extenuate the curved LED tile towers.
  • Presenter walls – Custom velour-wrapped aluminum header and end caps for the ground-supported video wall on either side of the stage, made to shine with more custom-carved gold accents ✨
  • Presenter stairs – A glossy black staircase (I’m sensing a theme here…) to match the sleek setting of the stage floor.

This NBCUniversal Upfront took performance to a new level and showed how their brands can take center stage this upcoming year. ATOMIC is no stranger to Upfronts, and we knew just how to make this event special for every attendee.

Special thanks to Matt Steinbrenner, Hudson Gray, TV Tech Managers, Fuse, and Tait, for collaborating to make this year’s NBCUpfront a day to remember!