Extraordinary Give Fest 2019

The ballroom featured a truck stage bringing the stage to new heights

Guests interacted with xPRESS by pressing the screen to enlarge photos

FASTwall units added flair to the ballroom

SuperLever scenic panels created a unique DJ space

Custom branded SuperColumns were scattered throughout the event

The main stage featured ATOMIC's Buule Soft Goods and circular Poppies

Ground Supported Poppies clustered to create a red carpet photo-op experience

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Another extraordinary day of giving took place this November in Lancaster County where more than 29,000 donors gave $10.9 million to support 521 organizations! Honed the “Extra Give” this day of giving celebrates with an open-to-the-public event in the heart of Lancaster County. ATOMIC worked with the team at the Lancaster County Community Foundation to plan, design and build looks to enhance the venue space at the Lancaster County Convention Center. 

ATOMIC Designer Brie Rogers set on a path to design looks that turned the event space into a block party vibe, complete with festoons, air stars and even a food truck line! ATOMIC’s Modular Systems products decked out the venue providing unique looks with custom branding. Party-goers got a first-hand look at Poppies, the latest and greatest product from ATOMIC that is soon to be released. These circular units included custom printed skins and were ground supported to create a red-carpet photo op background. The Poppies also made a splash hanging on the main stage in front of our Buule soft goods. 

New to the main stage was a truck stage; due to a tight load-in and load-out schedule, the truck stage played an essential role in the effectiveness of the build. ATOMIC’s Chadz and Fizz SuperLever panels snapped together alongside custom branded panels to create a stage fascia, and the crowd was especially pleased with the entertainment sitting higher off of the show floor than ever before. A DJ station stood in the center of the room, showcasing ATOMIC’s SuperLever product line. 

Our team had a blast working on the ExtraGive fest once again, and is looking forward to next year’s event!