Electric Forest Festival 2015

New Electric Forest Entryway Arch

Ranch Arena Stage

Ranch Arena Stage

Sherwood Court stage at night

Sherwood Court stage with a huge crowd in the afternoon

Retro 30s Jubilee stage sign

The Jubilee stage featuring FASTwall and SuperColumns

The Jubilee stage featuring Rental Solutions products like FASTwall and Diamond Chandeliers

New this year - the Jubilee Stage

Knot FASTwall on the Jubilee Stage

New this year, the Hangar Stage

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Elephants, costumes, hot air balloons, hula hoops, art, sculptures and The Forest. Each year the Electric Forest Festival gets bigger and better. ATOMIC has designed and built the main festival stages for the past three years. New to the roster this year was a semi-permanent Electric Forest entrance sign and the festival stages The Hangar and Jubilee.

This year Tom McPhillips’ previously designed Ranch Arena and Sherwood Court stages returned to the festival. Working closely with Executive Producer Jeremy Stein, McPhillips and the design team came up with the look for the two new stages, which were both enormous tented areas for festival goers. The Jubilee stage, housed under a six tower pink and blue tent, was a 30s art deco themed space. From the marquee light bulbs in the retro outdoor sign to the PVC balloons augmented with gold ribbon fringe, this stage was 30s all the way.

McPhillips designed the Jubilee stage to look as wide as possible, utilizing our new FASTwall rental product line, the design fit to the contour of the tent and the rental products allowed for adaptability on site. Staying with the Deco theme, OM SuperColumns were used along side the Knot FASTwall. The aesthetic was complete with printed Gatsby-esque scrims that were used to frame the stage.

It takes a village to make Electric Forest happen and we’re privileged to work with Jeremy Stein and Michael Sampliner of Madison House, LAMBDA Productions, lead by Hadden Hippsley, EF Production Manager, and Lighting Designer Travis Shirley, who makes the stages look amazing.