Corporate Streaming Event

Blubby, Frosty and Custom Logo panels form the perfect SuperWall

ATOMIC SuperWall create a backdrop for a streaming studio

Blubby, Frosty and Custom Logo are a force to be reckoned with

ATOMIC SuperWalls panels Blubby, Frosty and Custom Logo are a superb combination

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Our partners in Frankfurt, Gahrens + Battermann, built a temporary studio in the Highlight Towers in Munich for their client, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (ACGS). The G+B team skillfully built slanted SuperWalls using Blubby, Frosty and Custom Logo panels to create a backdrop for the streaming studio. The Digital Leadership Week of the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty featured 200 international leaders participating in the first fully digital week. ATOMIC Modular Systems can be easily set up with no tools to create modular, reconfigurable walls to create streaming studios, broadcast from home, room dividers or temporary rooms. Contact us today to discuss your design and scenic needs.