Comcast Converge

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In the vibrant heart of Philadelphia, ATOMIC’s Custom Fabrication team brought designer Matt Steinbrenner’s vision to life for the 2024 Comcast Converge event. This annual event is an electrifying showcase of Comcast’s latest technological advancements and network innovations, and ATOMIC was thrilled to help by building:

👉 Column-surrounds to integrate with video/lighting and hide venue architecture
👉 Mirror walls for on stage around video walls
👉 Show floor/trim for on stage around video walls
👉 A reception desk
👉 Video sticks

Our team’s contribution to the event was instrumental in creating an immersive and visually captivating environment that perfectly complemented Comcast’s mission of connectivity and innovation.

Shoutout to these amazing folks for their awesome work on this gig!

🚀 @hudsongraynyc
🚀 @steindesign_inc
🚀 @tvtechmanagers